CrossFit Gisborne

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How do you define "Fitness"?

Is it just being able to run a long way? What about strength and power and speed? Balance, coordination and flexibility? You see fitness is not just about our aerobic capacity but our ability to perform well in any situation that LIFE may throw at us. And that is exactly what I have found in CrossFit. In over 20 years in the fitness industry I have not found a more effective form of training that helps you to be fit for LIFE!

CrossFit Gisborne workouts are short and intense, they are constantly changing to surprise the body and build all areas of fitness- cardio endurance, strength, power, speed, balance, agility, flexibility, accuracy, coordination and stamina. This is achieved by using functional movements that are relative to real life and sports. We use body weight, kettlebells, gymnastics, weightlifting and olympic lifts; purposely avoiding machines and isolation movements in favour of real movements that pertain to life.

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